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 Dog Daycare

If your dog fancies spending their days playing, running or relaxing in 16 acres of secure, beautiful countryside just 35 minutes from Central London- this is the service for them! We pick dogs up in the morning and take care of them all day before dropping them home in the evening tired and happy. We have different sensory areas for them to explore, sandpits, paddling pools, tractor tyre playgrounds for them to climb on and squeeze between, tunnels to whizz through and trees and boulders to jump on and run round when they are chasing their friends! Plus we have heated indoor shelter and plenty of beds to grab a snooze on. Basically, it's a dogs idea of heaven! Click here to find out more! 

Puppy Paradise Puppy Daycare

Looking for a place for your puppy to spend the day? Good news- we've got you covered! Our puppy daycare runs the same as our normal dog daycare, but we put a programme together that focuses on their socialisation and basic training to ensure that your pup grows up to be happy, healthy and friendly. Pups can join us from 10 weeks old and we are very experienced in taking a shy little ball of fluff and developing them into a confident and social.. ball of fluff! They will get used to different people and experiences including big dogs and small dogs, young dogs and old dogs. Don't forget plenty of time to rest and relax and the most exciting part of the day- puppy lunches! Our daycare is simply the best place for your puppy to spend the day- click here to find out more!

 Overnight Care

Overnight and holiday care is only available to our regular daycare and walking dogs- we don't take any dogs to stay that we don't already know! This means that when your dog comes to stay they are with dogs that they already know, who are relaxed and happy in our company and makes everyones life much better! When your dog comes to stay, they will be in our fabulous daycare during the days and then they will stay overnight in the home of one of our trusted local boarders. After an extended day of daycare, most dogs eat their dinners and crash for the night ready for us to take them out first thing the next morning to do it all again!

Reviews from happy customers in St Johns Wood Doggy Day Care - NW8

  • Excellent camouflage

    Marianne with Roxy for London Doggy Day Care

    My dog Roxy has been a member of the "City Pups pack" for the past 4 years in their fantastic countryside day care programme outside London, as well as, as an occasional full-time boarder during our holidays.  She adores City Pups: she always comes  back from her walk jovial and contented, having been fully exercised. If she sees any of the staff from City Pups in the park when I walk her, she rushes to them to greet them with a blurred wagging tail: I know how much she enjoys her time with them!  And I can see how much other dogs enjoy their time and how much fun they are all having together.

    I have been very impressed with the professionalism and the dedication of the team: the way the company has developed  its services such as the countryside day care, the way they introduce new dogs to a group of dogs, the supervision as well as the amount of fresh air and exercises the dogs really get.  The welfare of the dogs are paramount.

  • dog boarding in london

    Lee-Ann with Lilly for London Doggy Day Care

    My dog Lilly has thrived for 3 years now under the great care of the City Pups team. She stares out the window waiting for them to pick her up each day, and returns home with her tail wagging and completely tired out from running and playing with the other lovely City Pups dogs. Lilly stays overnight too, when I go out of town, and it's the only thing that lets me relax and not worry while I'm gone. I wouldn't trust my Lilly to anyone else!

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