Marianne with Roxy

Excellent camouflage

My dog Roxy has been a member of the "City Pups pack" for the past 4 years in their fantastic countryside day care programme outside London, as well as, as an occasional full-time boarder during our holidays.  She adores City Pups: she always comes  back from her walk jovial and contented, having been fully exercised. If she sees any of the staff from City Pups in the park when I walk her, she rushes to them to greet them with a blurred wagging tail: I know how much she enjoys her time with them!  And I can see how much other dogs enjoy their time and how much fun they are all having together.

I have been very impressed with the professionalism and the dedication of the team: the way the company has developed  its services such as the countryside day care, the way they introduce new dogs to a group of dogs, the supervision as well as the amount of fresh air and exercises the dogs really get.  The welfare of the dogs are paramount.

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