City Pups Terms & Conditions


By allowing or organising your dog to participate in the services we provide, and/ or by signing our admission form, you agree and understand the following terms and conditions:

We feel it's important for you to know that although we do everything we can to ensure the safety and happiness of your dog, there are some risks involved with our activities that you should be aware of.

Our vans are professionally fitted with the highest quality cages and offer the safest way of transporting your dog- however vehicle transport always presents a small level of risk from collisions etc. and due to being unattended in the rear of the vehicle when drivers are driving or picking up/ dropping off another dog. By organising activities, you agree to allow us to transport your dog in any of our vans to any required location. Our vehicles are insured for our business use and to carry dogs. All of our vehicles are GPS tracked so we can see their live location at all times, and can monitor driving standards to ensure all dogs are transported in safety.  

Dogs mixing with other dogs (including other sized dogs and dogs of different ages and breeds) is a vital part of their life and socialisation. At City Pups, dogs are never left together without direct supervision, however during the time your dog is at daycare, they will come into contact with other dogs in an off lead and uncontrolled environment. In the vast majority of cases this is a hugely positive experience; however, as with any group interaction, this presents the risk of dog-on-dog aggression, fights, bites etc. and even death. By organising activities with us, you accept these risks and agree not to hold City Pups liable. We ask owners to accept legal responsibility for their own dogs behaviour, and assume any legal and veterinary costs to other dogs and property damage costs associated with their dogs behaviour. By organising activities with us, you agree to cover such costs. We will keep you informed of any altercation involving your dog, whether damage or injury occurred or not. We also reserve the right to dismiss any dog that shows dangerous or inappropriate behaviour from City Pups with immediate effect.  By organising your dog to participate in our services, you are confirming that dog has no record of aggressive or anti-social behaviour and you have made a full and frank disclosure of any characteristic or trait that might make their dog unsuitable for socialising with other dogs. If we feel that a dog does pose any risk to any other dog, even if you do not agree, we reserve the right to dismiss this dog from daycare with immediate effect. If your dog bites someone or something, it is YOUR responsibility, as far as UK law permits- you could be sued or your dog could be put down. We will never take a dog into our services if we feel they pose any risk to people or other dogs and we reserve the right to muzzle any dog we think needs to be muzzled to prevent injury to our staff, the public or any other dog. Although these risks are always present within groups of dogs, we do everything possible to reduce the risks to as low as possible- our entrance policy is strict and we refuse to accept any dogs that show signs of aggression, and dismiss any dogs showing signs of aggression from daycare immediately, no matter how long they have been attending.  

We take the greatest possible care of all the dogs we are responsible for, however as stated before, altercations can occur. Should your dog be involved in any incident, our staff will check your dog over for injuries, however our staff are not trained vets so we ask that you check over your dogs further at home or seek professional opinion. Should your dog show any obvious injury, we will inform you immediately and take your dog to the nearest vet. By organising activities with us, you give permission for City Pups to authorise any treatment/ procedure etc that the vet deems necessary to carry out immediately or to prevent suffering, and agree to pay the associated fees or reimburse City Pups for the full amount- including consultation or out of hours charges. This is to ensure your dog doesn't suffer waiting if we can't contact you before hand. We have staff trained in Canine First Aid present at all times in daycare. 

With any off lead environment, there is a risk to dogs security. We work hard to ensure that dogs get the greatest amount of fun, interaction and exercise while they are with us, and we operate as a free range daycare- meaning all dogs are off lead. Our daycare is totally secured by perimeter fencing, and each individual paddock is also secured with fencing. All of our gateways are double gated/ airlocked to prevent a dog getting out and into the open. Our fence heights are around 5ft high and perimeter fencing has a top line of low power electric wire (as you would use around a horse/ goat/ chicken enclosure) to act as a final deterrent. It is extremely rare that a dog would climb or jump fences of this height, but it is possible. Should your dog run off or get lost, we will do our absolute best to find them, and will contact you to let you know. If you believe your dog has any risk of jumping over or climbing up fences of this height- please inform us so we can take appropriate steps. Staff are with dogs at all times so the risk of any escape is minute. 

Under UK law, all dogs must be micro chipped.

You must ensure that your dog is up to date with their vaccinations at all times while using City Pups to look after them in any of our activities. Kennel cough vaccines should be given to all dogs even though they are not 100% successful in preventing the infection. If Kennel Cough is detected in any dogs in our daycare, due to the incubation period, it is too late to quarantine this dog to prevent any spread. It is also almost certain that they have picked it up from public parks that all of our daycare dogs visit with their owners, and as such there are multiple routes of passing the infection on. For this reason, and under veterinary advice, we do not prevent dogs with Kennel Cough from coming into the daycare as there is no benefit to it and is likely to cause an issue too owners and distress to dogs if they are forced to spend all day at home alone.

When you enroll your dog with City Pups, we dedicate a space to them and guarantee them this slot. For this reason, if for some reason your dog is away and not walking with us e.g. you are on holiday or are at home for the day and decided to walk your dog yourself, a 50% rate of your normal charge will apply. This charge reserves your dogs space and makes sure it will be available on all days that they do come with us, rather than returning from holiday to find the space has been filled! It helps us be 100% reliable and means we never put more dogs in a van or a group than is safe to do so. All changes to schedules, including cancellations, additions, upgrades, boarding bookings etc must be made online through your account. It is your responsibility to ensure that your dogs diary is correct, as this is what we work off for our schedules and also our invoicing- no matter if you have asked members of City Pups staff to alter your schedule on your behalf . You can make changes to your diary up until 11pm the night before. Any cancellations made after this time must be phoned through to City Pups. Any cancellations after 11pm the night before will be charged at full rate. Please note that we are not able to switch days on schedules of less than 5 days. You must cancel the day you don't require and book the day you do need as an extra day. Usual cancellation/ additional charges are applied to these days.

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