City Pups FAQs

  • What areas do you cover?

    To see our full map of the areas we cover and which services we offer in each location, click here!

    We cover the majority of Northwest, West and Central London for our Dog and Puppy daycare. From Shepherds Bush in the West to Islington in the East, from Hampstead Garden Suburb in the North to North Kensington/ Holland Park in the South! Have a look at our map and see if you are within our pointers. If you aren't sure whether you fall inside or are just outside, please let us know to double check and see if there is anything we can do!


  • How much do you charge?

    We charge £31 for a full day of dog or puppy daycare and £42 for overnight boarding including that days daycare. All prices include VAT, pickup and dropoff- there are no hidden extras!

  • How often do dogs come out to play with you?

    Most of the dogs we look after come to daycare 5 days a week, but our minimum is 2 set days per week. We only take on dogs that come to us on this regular, weekly basis- this is so our dogs get to know all the other dogs they spend time around and we dont have dogs coming and going for short periods of time and in quick succession. Our focus is on fun and socialisation, and a regular routine is essential for this!

  • Do you have dogs off lead?

    In our daycare, there are no such thing as leads! Our land is completely fenced and secure so even dogs with the worst recall are able to run and play in safety!

  • When are you available to take care of my dog?

    Our daycare runs Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) and our overnight care is always available, weekends and Bank Holidays included (assuming we aren't fully booked)!

  • What happens if you are not available to take my dog for some reason?

    Don't worry- we will always be there! The staff that look after your dog will be the same each day, but if one of them is away on holiday or sick, the show still goes on! If your driver is away, one of our other drivers will step in- we never use agency staff so you will never experience an unreferenced stranger walking into your home. Every one who works for us has been tested, checked and trained so you can relax knowing your dog is in good hands!

  • How do you collect and drop off my dog?

    We have specialist vans that we transport your dog in, they are fitted out with purpose built crates that are safe and spacious with soft flooring and non spill water bowls. Unlike most companies vans, our 'dog area' is heated and cooled with air conditioning too and we have thermometers in the back telling our drivers what's going on in there. We don't skimp- these crates cost a fortune, but they are the best! You will always have the same driver that comes to pick your dog up and drop them home. Our guys work for us full time and are referenced and trustworthy. We generally hold keys for your house so you don't have to be in when we pick up or drop off, and we will always do our best to make sure your dog is as clean as possible before they are left- walking dogs can be hosed and toweled down outside and daycare dogs are washed on site at the end of muddy days before traveling home!

  • Are you insured?

    Yes! We have full Public Liability Insurance provided by specialist company Pet Business Insurance.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If you have to cancel any daycare doys for whatever reason, please let us know by 11pm the day before at the latest- we understand that things change and we won’t be angry... we promise! If you let us know that your dog will be away in advance, we reduce our rate down to 50% while they aren't there. This keeps your dog’s space guaranteed while they are away- ready for when they are back to play!

  • How do I pay my bill?

    No need to head to the bank for cash or get the cheque book out and no need to pay anything in advance or remember to pay us every week! We invoice at the end of each month via email and you pay via variable direct debit that is linked to your account which automates your payments every month to the exact figure on your invoice! Easy peasy!

  • What happens in an emergency?

    It's rare anything happens, but we will take details of your dogs vet just in case. We would contact you immediately in an emergency. If it is necessary for your dog to go to a vet, we will take them to either their own vets or the closest surgery depending on the situation. We have relationships with 3 different vets less than 10 minutes away from our daycare in case anything happens so we can always be seen very quickly!

  • Who are Roxy and Scoop?

    Roxy is Tom's own dog, and the life and soul of City Pups! She is an Australian Shepherd with a cheeky personality. She absolutely loves dogs and people and City Pups was set up around her so she had other dogs to walk and play with. You can read her story on the ‘About Us’ section of the website. Scoop is Roxy's puppy- she joined the family in 2013. She is completely daft... we aren't quite sure how that happened since Roxy is so smart, but the main thing is she is sweet and friendly so we don't mind!

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