Summer Fun - enjoying the sunny season with your dog.

  • Dog Enjoying the Summer Weather

As the Summer months draw in, we get to enjoy warmer, longer days and whilst that’s great news for us, it’s even better news for our furry friends. Summer time brings with it an extra sense of adventure, and plenty of chances for a pup to join in the fun. Stuck for ideas?

Allow us to inspire you...

Create a little splash

Dogs don’t sweat the way that we do, and so cooling down is more of an issue. If your dog is one that likes to get wet and wild, set up a little splash zone for them. Let them run through a sprinkler or hose, not only for the thrill but also to cool them down.

Freeze the treats

We all enjoy a frozen treat on a hot day - and your dog is likely no different. While you’re filling up the ice cube tray, try stuffing a fillable toy with your dog’s treat of choice, then popping that in the freezer too. Once it’s had the chance to catch a chill, it’ll be a refreshing change from usual treat-time, and will take longer to get through too.

Set up a play date

As much as your dog undoubtedly loves playing with you, there’s nothing quite like playing with other dogs. The best thing about longer days and warmer evenings, is that many dog owners, just like you, will be heading out to the park and making the most of the Summer. Arrange to meet your fellow dog-owner friends at the park, where you can all catch up -everyone’s happy.

Make your own agility course

As you find yourself spending more time in the garden, it might be an idea to make it just a little more interesting for your four-legged pal. Gather up some relatively inexpensive materials - bricks, poles, planks, and you can create your very own agility course. You’ll find it fun for training, and it will give the rest of your garden some peace.

From dining outdoors to lengthening your usual walks, Summertime presents a world of opportunity for enjoying time with your pup. Of course, if you find yourselves a little busy, then get in touch to discuss our services.

Otherwise, get out there and enjoy!

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