Is My Dog Suitable for Doggy Day Care?

  • Suitable for Doggy Day Care

Whether you live in a busy metropolis like London or out in the quiet suburbs, doggy daycare has a lot to offer to both hounds and their humans. Doggy daycare is a fantastic opportunity for your dog to get the exercise and stimulation it needs as well as allowing them to socialise with other dogs. Owners have the peace of mind knowing that their dogs are in good hands and are enjoying themselves.

However, some dogs may not be suitable for doggy daycare. That’s why in this blog, we look at whether your dog is suitable for doggy daycare and how to find out.

So, Can I take my dog to doggy daycare? 

When wondering if your dog is suitable for day care there are certain aspects of your dog you need to consider…



At City Pups we have different doggy daycare programs for different ages of dogs, we have a Puppy Doggy daycare where little pups can go until they are a bit bigger. This focuses on their socialisation as the main priority- we get them as confident as possible, as quickly as we can by ensuring they get lots of positive experiences with all kinds of breeds ages and sizes. These experiences will stay with your pup for the rest of their lives and ensure they feel comfortable and confident no matter who they bump into in the park! But it's also important to consider health, vaccinations and temperament of your dog too.

Your dog’s age can play an important part on whether who your dog should socialise with. Doggy day care is an amazing place for puppies. Some people think that puppies are two small and young to socialise with other dogs but it actually hugely benefits their growth and development. Just like children, puppies can look to role models to teach them manners and how to socialise with other dogs. Puppies playing and socialising with mature dogs can allow them to learn how to socialise with other dogs in the future.

The important thing here, and this is where puppy daycare comes into its own, is that you need to ensure that the experiences they get are good ones. A bad experience at this crucial time will also stay with them for the rest of their life. A responsible daycare, like City Pups, will have a zero tolerance policy towards aggressive dogs. Its simple, we don’t take them. So whether your pup is playing with a fellow tiny fluffball, or a fully grown great dane- we know they are going to gain a positive experience.

Its important to note that elderly dogs also benefit from the companionship that daycare provides. Its not all about exercise and play- just having people and other dogs around is enough sometimes and makes all the difference to their lives.

Health & Vaccination

Naturally, your dog would be playing and socialising with other dogs of various breeds and ages, which is why it is important that before considering doggy daycare, you are sure your pooch is fit as a fiddle and is up to date on their vaccinations. We cannot stress enough that your dog’s health is important and it is better to be safe than sorry. The last thing any dog owner would want is their dog becoming ill and spreading it to others, especially older dogs and young puppies. Always get vaccinated against kennel cough, even if your vet doesn’t insist on it- you should!


Is your dog very sociable with other dogs or can he or she be defensive or show aggression?

This is very important, considering that they will be playing and socialising with other dogs. If you feel that your dog can be aggressive when meeting other dogs or people, it means you and your dog need the training to address this issue and it is unlikely that your dog would be allowed into doggy daycare. Not only that, it wouldn’t be good for them. DFogs become aggressive or defensive when they are stressed and taking them to a place full of other dogs is not going to help this at all. Look for a one on one solution and gradually work on the issues with a behaviourist or trainer. If a daycare is prepared to let your dog in that can show aggression- think what other dogs they have said yes to that your dog is going to meet and learn from there…

Dog Carer’s Help

The sign of a good dog walker or dog carer is that they will ask you about your dog’s age, health and temperament themselves, and would be happy to spend as much time as necessary providing you with answers and help to allow you to make an informed decision.

At City Pups, we do insist that we personally meet any potential dogs and pups before we allow them into our doggy daycare. It should be common practice among all dog carers as it gives them an opportunity to meet them themselves, gauge their personality and temperament, and even see if they’re in good health. Any dog can be a City Pup, from Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes- and as long as you have had your shots you can join at any age!

If you’re unsure about whether your dog or pup is suitable for dog daycare, we can help. Just get in touch!

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