The Benefits of Playing with your Dog

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Whether you are planning to get a dog for the first time or you have been a dog owner for years, playing with your dog should be a top priority for you. It is not only a great way to bond, but also a fantastic way to stimulate your pet’s mind and bring out the best in them.

By being creative when spending time with your dog, you can strengthen your bond, making both of you happier. Wag The Dog UK have very nicely summarised a few of the key ingredients for a fun afternoon playing with your dog.

Indoor Fun

Indoor games that you can play at home are really fun and don’t have to involve breaking the furniture! You could build an obstacle course from pillows and boxes for your dog to run through, ending with a treat and a well deserved bowl of water. You can even get pop out tunnels and other accessories to take your course to the next level.

Fetch can be an indoor game too, especially for smaller dogs. To keep it contained, throw the ball into a box or container, then your pup will retrieve it and bring it back. This stops any TV breakages and makes your pup aware of where the ball will be.

Kitty Play

This idea is simple but brilliant. By crafting your own stick and toy games, similar to the string and feathery toys that cats play with, you can keep your dog entertained at all times. Simply using a long piece of string and attaching it to one of their toys or ball, becoming a sort of ‘pinata for dogs’,  you can keep them entertained for hours. 

Also ideal for a rainy day inside, there are a number of dog toys on the market that are designed to make dogs pounce and play with it to get to the treats. 

Simply adding a rope (you could use the shoelace for the shoe your pup has more than likely destroyed!), you can have hours of fun as your pouch nurtures their inner predator. 

Hide and Seek 

Hide and seek can be an extremely fun game to help improve your dog’s training and tracking skills but also to further develop the bond between you and your dog. You can try this either at home or in the garden.

Especially if it's your first time playing, avoid playing hide and seek at a park, as parks have too many stimulus to distract your dog such as trees, people or other dogs.

Playing with your dog is one of the best parts of owning a dog: their eyes light up and you can see just how happy they are.  Your dog loves spending time with you (it’s the highlight of their day), so make it the most fun you can.

What games does your dog love?  Let us know!

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